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Dr. Susan M Wiet MD

Dr. Susan M Wiet MD

About Dr. Susan M Wiet MD

Sovegna understands and targets the particular needs that professionals have when struggling with addiction and/or seeking services for sustained recovery. Our Intensive Outpatient Program is built specifically for professionals who are seeking additional support with recovery and provides 9 to 12 hours of relevant, structured, and multi-disciplinary treatment per week.

Our Clinic for Recovery program is designed for busy professionals and working people who are seeking comprehensive medical and therapy outpatient recovery services. What sets Sovegna apart is the skilled multi-disciplinary team, designed and directed by a physician, for comprehensive treatment of addiction, recovery and wellness. The team includes seasoned practioners who integrate mindfulness practices in psychiatry, internal medicine-primary care, individual/group therapy, nutrition, art therapy, meditation/movement coaching. 

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